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Oral Conscious Dental Sedation – Midland, TX

For Moderate Dental Phobia and Anxiety

Woman relaxing after oral conscious sedation dentistry visit

If you’re only mildly nervous about having your teeth cleaned or receiving another type of dental treatment, nitrous oxide is usually more than enough to soothe your nerves. However, if your dental fears are particularly strong, Dr. Drisdale is likely to recommend a different type of sedation – namely, oral conscious sedation. This approach allows even the most nervous patients to stay comfortable throughout their treatment with just a simple pill. Does oral conscious dental sedation in our Midland, TX dental office sound like it might help you during your next visit? Call our dental office today to learn more.

Why Choose John K. Drisdale D.M.D. for Oral Conscious Dental Sedation?

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What is Oral Conscious Dental Sedation?

Man holding oral conscious dental sedation pill

The “oral” part of oral conscious sedation refers to the way the sedative is received – namely, in the form of a small pill taken some time before the actual treatment. The “conscious” part refers to the fact that the sedative does not put you to sleep – it simply induces a highly relaxed state that will help you sit through your dental treatment without anxiety or discomfort. You may actually be drowsy enough to fall asleep at some point during your treatment, but you can be easily awakened; you’ll also be able to respond to Dr. Drisdale’s requests.

Thanks to the soothing effect of oral conscious sedation, you may not even notice the passing of time during your procedure. The medication can have an amnesiac effect as well; you might not even remember what happened during your appointment. As a result, your overall experience at our dental office is much more likely to be a positive one.

How Does it Work?

Woman receiving treatment under oral conscious dental sedation

Before your appointment, you’ll be given the pill along with some instructions. You usually need to take it before you even arrive at our dental office. You’ll need someone you trust (such as a friend or family member) to drive you here; they’ll also need to take you home afterwards since the medication won’t have fully worn off by the time the procedure is over. During your visit, Dr. Drisdale will closely monitor your heart rate and blood pressure. This way, he can make sure you stay safe throughout the treatment.

Sometimes additional medication is administered at the dental office, although this usually isn’t required. We’ll begin the treatment as soon as we’re sure that you’re fully relaxed. Afterwards, you should plan to stay home the rest of the day in order to give yourself a chance to completely recover from the medication (as well as the procedure itself, depending on what kind of treatment you required).

Is Oral Conscious Dental Sedation Right for Me?

Fearful patient in need of oral conscious dental sedation

Oral sedation is often a good option for patients who fit one of the following criteria:

  • Feeling uncomfortable in a dentist’s office
  • Being too afraid to make regular dental checkups and appointments
  • Having a strong gag reflex that could complicate a dental procedure
  • Having sensitive teeth that would make normal treatment uncomfortable
  • Being generally restless to the point of having trouble sitting still during treatment

If any of the above apply to you, or if there’s something else that prevents you from being truly comfortable with your dental care, ask Dr. Drisdale if oral conscious sedation is right for you.