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How To Handle Common Dental Emergencies – Midland, TX

Act Fast When Accidents Happen

Woman in need of emergency dentistry holding jaw in pain

Feeling scared or unsure of what to do when a dental emergency occurs? Whether it is a broken tooth, abscess, busted lip, or severe toothache, all you can think about is getting relief from the pain. Dr. John Drisdale and his team understand, which is why they want to ensure you have what you need to care for your problem until you’re able to reach our dental office. If you’re ready to feel a bit more confident the next time an injury occurs, here are a few tips on how to handle common dental emergencies in Midland, TX.

Why Choose Robert E. Christensen D.D.S. and John K. Drisdale D.M.D to Handle Common Dental Emergencies?

  • Dental Sedation Available for Patients in Pain
  • We File Claims for PPO Dental Insurance Plans
  • Treatment for Patients
    of All Ages

Something Stuck Between the Teeth

Woman with something stuck between teeth covering her mouth

Take your waxed dental floss and gently move it back and forth between your teeth. Do not jab or jam the floss upward or downward, as this can cause additional harm to your soft tissues. If you’re unable to remove it with dental floss, try a water irrigator. This tool pushes the water out and in-between your teeth. If this continues to prove unsuccessful, don’t try reaching for a fork or knife to try and dislodge it. Call and alert us to the situation. Based on the information you provide, we will schedule an appointment for you to come in. We can safely remove the object and have you on your way.

Extruded Tooth

Man with extruded tooth covering his mouth

Any time a tooth is partially or fully knocked out, time is of the essence. Call us immediately so we can get you in. In the meantime, if the tooth is extruded or partially dislodged from its socket, try to reinsert it into the vacated area. If the tooth is completely out, retrieve it by its crown and rinse it off. Place it in a container of milk and bring it to your appointment. If treated within an hour of the incident, we may be able to save your tooth.

Tooth Infection

Woman with tooth infection pointing to her gums

When immense, searing pain takes over a tooth in your mouth, and you notice a pus-filled pocket developing on your gums above or below your tooth, this can be a clear sign of an infection. This is a serious infection that should be addressed immediately, as it can lead to worsening oral problems quickly. While waiting to get in to see Dr. Drisdale, rinse your mouth with saltwater a few times throughout the day. This will help to reduce any discomfort or pain. When you arrive for your appointment, based on your individual case, it may be necessary for him to extract the tooth and preserve your oral health.

Soft Tissue Injury

Woman with soft tissue injury holding her cheek

Surprisingly, soft tissue injuries can lead to a lot of bleeding. Whether it is scratched gums, a busted lip, or accidentally biting your tongue, use a piece of chewing gum or gauze to place over the area and stop the bleeding. After 15-20 minutes, swap with an ice pack for 5-10 minutes. This will reduce swelling and minimize pain. If the bleeding continues and swelling increases, get to a local emergency room for immediate medical attention.