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Dentures – Midland, TX

Replacing All of the Teeth You’ve Lost

Senior woman with glasses and dentures in Midland, TX

Recent statistics indicate that almost 41 million Americans wear dentures to replace missing teeth. This is hardly a surprise; after all, dentures have been around for centuries, and they have only become more reliable over time thanks to modern dentistry. If you ask Dr. Drisdale for a denture, he’ll make sure that you receive high-quality, lifelike new teeth that will help make everyday tasks like chewing and speaking easier. You can start the process of getting dentures right now by calling our office.

Why Choose John K. Drisdale D.M.D. for Dentures?

  • Long-Lasting, Lifelike Materials
  • Advanced Digital Impressions
  • Highly Educated Dentist

Who Is a Good Candidate for Dentures?

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You might be considered for dentures if you’re missing multiple teeth. We’ll also need to confirm that there’s enough bone tissue in your jaw to support dentures; to do so, we’ll need to complete an examination of your mouth. Waiting too long to get dentures could leave your mouth more susceptible to gum disease and other oral health problems, so it’s best to schedule your initial consultation as soon as possible.

Types of Dentures

Close-up of dentures in Midland, TX on reflective table

Dentures are a more versatile solution to tooth loss than many people realize. This is thanks to the fact that there are different types of dentures that can be used depending on the specifics of your situation. Our team can aid you in figuring out which kind you should get, but it helps to know what the choices are before you get to our office:

Partial Dentures

If you’ve only lost a few teeth, there’s no need to have the remaining ones extracted to make room for full dentures. Instead, partial dentures can be crafted to fit neatly in the gaps so that you can once again eat and speak with a full smile. Partial dentures are anchored in place by metal clasps, but you can take them out at any time.

Full Dentures

A full denture is typically only recommended when all or most of the teeth in a single arch have been lost. Just like partial dentures, they are made to be removable. However, instead of clasps, they stay in place thanks to the natural suction between the gum tissues and the denture base.

Implant Dentures

Implant dentures are secured to your upper or lower jaw with screw-like dental implant posts. Artificial teeth that are supported by dental implants offer better chewing power. Furthermore, the implant posts act as new tooth roots in order to stop the jawbone from deteriorating.

The Benefits of Dentures

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Getting dentures means you will no longer have to feel awkward in social situations about the noticeable empty space in your mouth. Other benefits of dentures include:

  • Being able to eat more kinds of foods.
  • Maintaining a more youthful appearance.
  • Being able to pronounce words clearly again.
  • Improving your overall oral health.
  • Having a dental prosthesis that can potentially last for over 10 years.