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5 Tips That Can Make Your Next Checkup Easier for You and Your Dentist

June 20, 2022

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You’re probably used to just showing up for your next preventive dental appointment, but did you know that what you do before you arrive at the office could help make your visit go even smoother? There are certain things you can do – and not do – to make your dental visit a much more productive and pleasant experience for everyone; that includes you, your dentist, and their entire team. Below are 5 tips you can use to prepare for your next dental checkup.

1. Don’t Worry About Your Breath Unless You Just Ate

For many dentists, bad breath is just something to expect as part of the job. In fact, it can often be an important clue to dental health problems such as gum disease. As such, you don’t normally need to worry about brushing before your visit; it’s better for your dentist to smell the natural state of your breath. However, if your appointment is right after lunch, it may be a good idea to freshen your smile with a quick brush or rinse.

2. Don’t Work Out Before Your Visit

Exercising right before your appointment means you’ll be sitting in the dental chair with damp, sweaty clothes for an extended period of time – and that won’t be enjoyable for anyone. If you’re planning on working out, try to wait until after your dental visit is complete.

3. Be Mindful of Your Lipstick

Some dentists don’t mind if you wear lipstick, but others might ask you to remove it first. This is because lipstick can very easily get on dental instruments while your dentist is working on your mouth. There’s also a good chance that the altered color of your lips could make it more difficult to judge the shading of your teeth, which can be an obstacle if your dentist is trying to gather information to design a crown or another type of restoration. Just to be safe, plan on not wearing lipstick to your appointment.

4. Make Arrangements to Get to Your Appointment on Time

Your dentist has other patients to see after your appointment, and you probably have plans of your own for the rest of the day. Showing up on time makes things easier for everyone, so plan to get to your dentist’s office as early as possible.

5. Let Your Dentist Know If You’re Anxious

Dental anxiety is nothing to be embarrassed about; anywhere between 50% to 80% of adults in the United States deal with some degree of it. If you have any anxieties or fears about your upcoming appointment, let your dentist know; they have plenty of ways to help make you feal more comfortable during your visit, and if they know about your worries ahead of time, they can prepare accordingly.

Is there anything else you think you could do to get ready for your appointment? Get in touch with your dentist to see what they have to say. Remember, a great checkup leaves everyone smiling, so it’s worth taking a few extra minutes to make sure you’re fully repaired.

About the Author

Dr. John K. Drisdale III looks forward to going to work at the beginning of each week so that he can continue helping patients obtain healthy, dazzling smiles. He and the rest of his team like to have plenty of fun in the office, joking around with each other and treating patients like part of the family. He’s always happy to answer any questions you might have or offer ways to help you stay comfortable in the dental chair, such as nitrous oxide. To schedule a checkup at his Midland practice, visit his website or call (432) 684-7424.

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