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How Sedation Can Help You If You’re Afraid of the Dentist

August 24, 2020

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Plenty of people are nervous about going to the dentist, but some are more frightened by the idea than others. There are cases where adults avoid going to regular checkups for years simply because the sights and sounds of a dental practice make them too uncomfortable. Do you or anyone else in your family suffer from such anxieties? If so, you should know that modern dental practices have a solution. Read on to learn how your sedation dentist in Midland can make sure your next appointment is a comfortable one – no matter how complex a procedure it is.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

As the name implies, sedation dentistry involves the use of a sedative during a dental procedure in order to help patients stay as relaxed as possible. It’s often recommended as a way to overcome dental fears, although there are other applications as well. Sedation dentistry is highly versatile and can be used in a variety of circumstances including routine cleanings, tooth extractions, and root canal therapy.

What Kinds of Sedation are Available?

If you’re only mildly anxious about seeking dental care, you’ll probably receive nitrous oxide sedation. Nitrous oxide is also called “laughing gas”; you’ll breathe it in throughout your appointment in order to remain in a calm, comfortable state. This type of sedation takes effect quickly, and it will wear off in just a few minutes once the source of the gas has been removed. As a result, little if any preparation is needed, and you won’t have to rely on someone else to drive you home afterwards.

For patients that require a stronger sedative, oral conscious sedation might be employed. You’ll take a special kind of medication either the night before or a set amount of time before the procedure. Once it kicks in, you’ll become extremely relaxed. You’ll be able to follow directions that your dentist gives you, but you generally won’t care about what’s going on around you.

Who is Dental Sedation For?

You should ask your dentist about sedation options if anyone in your family has:

  • A severe dental phobia
  • A strong gag reflex that tends to complicate dental treatments
  • Particularly sensitive teeth or a low pain threshold
  • Trouble sitting still for extended periods of time
  • A complex oral health issue that requires a lengthy procedure

Is Dental Sedation Right for Your Children?

It’s no secret that plenty of children are afraid of the dentist, which is why dental sedation is often perfect for your little ones. Nitrous oxide and oral sedation are both perfectly safe for children to use, so feel free to discuss them with your dentist before a given treatment.

Thanks to sedation dentistry, every dental visit can be made as pleasant and productive as possible. Don’t let dental fear stop you from seeking the care your smile deserves; look into your own practice’s sedation options today!

About the Author

Dr. Robert E. Chirstensen was born in Midland and has been bringing high quality healthcare to his hometown since 1979. Since his graduation, he has continued to expand his knowledge of dentistry by completing multiple education courses. In particular, he has undergone advanced training in oral conscious sedation so that he can keep his patients comfortable no matter what kind of care they require. If you’d like to schedule an appointment or learn more about your options for sedation, get in touch with Dr. Christensen through his website or by calling (432) 684-7424.

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